Taipei Come True Coffee- A cafe must visit during your trip in Yong Kang street

By Leah Voon - 6月 01, 2018

Taipei Come True Coffee- A must visit cafe

Having a vacation or chilling around Taipei YongKang street,
a nice cafe and a great afternoon tea is always a must.
Come True Coffee is finally having their 3rd branch in Taipei,
would like to recommend to you all to pay a visit
during your trip in Taipei. The food and drink there is nice
with reasonable price, and no extra service charge!!

Come True Coffee is a cafe from a social enterprise,
they trade their coffee directly from the coffee farmer from Africa,
and they are donating 50% of their profit into a clean water project in Africa.

The atmosphere of this cafe is great
with white and blue color tone
and it is very famous since their first and second branch
in Tainan and Taichung respectively

Finally, Come True Coffee is now in Taipei with their third branch!!

It's a self service cafe, and of course with no extra service charge.

Free ice water provided
pretty good especially in the summer ey?

The menu of Come True Coffee

other than coffee, juice and drinks,
they are providing some main dishes as well.

There are rice served during lunch and dinner hour,
somehow we didn't try their rice during our visit.

Souffle, a MUST order dessert!!
Why not?
Dessert is always a perfect match with nice coffee.

Banquette with smokes duck $190

I love the idea how the baguette is being served

Honey mustard sauce 

There are 4 pcs at all
i think it's quite a big portion
with the price $190 only

There are apples, some vegetables
and of course duck meat in the baguette

the sauce is nice, and the food are quite fresh. 

Wooo... my favorite souffle! 
We ordered a Matcha and red bean souffle $210

There are some rice dumplings,
red beans and japanese cake serving together with the souffle. 

The souffle are very soft and tender,
with a JUST RIGHT sweetness.
Really love love love their souffle. 

Latte $120

Berries milk shake $145

If you are in the plan of visiting Taipei
try to give yourself some time to spend in a nice cafe
like a Come True Coffee
Slow down your traveling pace,
i'm sure you will falling in love with this place!

Taipei Come True Coffee
Address: No.6, Alley 37, Yong Kang Street, Daan Dist, Taipei
Phone Number : 02 2358 2826

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